Monday, February 11, 2008

Serving Tips

By far the most neglected part of practice. Most players focus on drills and footwork and forget that the serve is a critical element in their game.

Some guidelines:
  • Learn a few basic serves with different spins. ( sidespin, backspin, topspin, nospin, etc )

  • Aim for little to no variation in the look of these serves. For example in order to confuse your opponent, a sidespin and a sidespin with backspin should look the same when performed, which makes their choice of return more difficult.

  • Work on placement. short or long balls but not in the middle of the table, as these are easy to return.

  • Watch where your opponent is positioned, a good angle on your serve can help setup for the Third Ball Attack.
Practicing the serve can be a chore, but it will pay off in the end.

to be continued.........

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