Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ladder For Rules '08

01 - The ladder runs the whole year. Summer and Winter.
02 - The matches must be scheduled by the involved players.
03 - If a player does not show for a match then the points are automatically given to the challenger and places are swopped.
04 - If a player has not attended the club recenty, he / she may be skipped, but only if the challenger has another player to confirm.
05 - If this happens then the places adjust with no points awarded.
06 - A player cannot challenge another if he / she has unresolved challenges. Those matches have to be resolved first.
07 - A re-challenge may occur if the defending player agrees.
08 - All normal ITTF Table Tennis Rules apply.
09 - All matches are to be played as Best of 5 basis, or otherwise agreed by the players.
10 - There is no limit to the amount of challenges a player can make.
11 - Taking a Position Scores - 4 pts.
12 - Defending a Position Successfully ( Below Position 1 ) Scores - 3 pts.
13 - Defending at position 1 - Scores 4 pts.
14 - Losing Player Scores - 2 pts.

The ladder will be randomly redrawn every two months. This encourages player of all levels to set goals, and work on getting points.
Points get accumulated and DO NOT reset when the ladder gets redrawn.

At the end of the Season, the total points are added to get final results.

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