Monday, March 29, 2010

Andro Deals

Andro Table Tennis Equipment Now Available In SA

Andro Kinetic Supreme off R500

A clear recommendation for the spin-orientated modern
offensive player: A Koto/Ayous veneer combination stands
for excellent ball feeling and control without lacking enough
power for offensive action. The high ball bounce gives some
extra impulse in regard to block- and topspin-strategies. You
can rely on this blade at all situations. A thin Koto outer veneer creates a fantastic feedback in regard to ball contact and undreamed possibilities for spin-orientated action are opened to the player. Other advantageous features are the light weight and the Kinetic technology, built-in the grip, exposing the Kinetic Supreme OFF as an absolute top class blade
Weight: approx. 82 g
OFF S 93 C 94 R 97
Price: R500

Players in search of a rubber for whirling topspins will be enthused by HEXER. The mixture of 100% natural rubber in the upper layer results in increased grip and a longer impact time. This effects in improved trampoline and rotation features for the same striking energy (EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE), and provides each opspin with a higher trajectory. In addition, the new and progressive pips geometry puts a compact playing feeling across. The fourth TENSOR generation unfolds its immense qualities in spin and rotation oriented play.
Price: R450

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